Community organizing

I have been involved in community organizing roughly since 2011. Some initiatives include organizing the Winnipeg Peoples’ Social Forum (2014), helping found Solidarity Winnipeg (2016) and Communities Not Cuts – Manitoba (2017).

Communications professional

From founding a high school newsletter to managing national communications for a major public sector union, I have always loved communications.

I began my professional career as a community journalist (2007-09), shifted to academia to complete an M.A. in Public Policy (2012), then began my career in communications.

I have worked for the Public Service Alliance of Canada as a Political Communications Officer (2016-17), a Communications Coordinator and Events Manager for Red River College (2017-18) and most recently as a Communications Associate, McGill Faculty of Medicine (2018-present). LinkedIn profile.

Personal life

I reflect often on – and occasionally write about – personal health and wellbeing, relationships and love. Football (aka. “soccer”) is my sport and I manage a team called Solidarité FC. I love outdoor recreation (whitewater canoeing, hiking, cross-country skiing, camping). I also love soaking in my beautiful hometown (Montréal) and its restaurants, bars and cultural life.

About this website

Inspired by an academic mentor of mine, Bill Riemer, this website is a space to collect and share reflections and practical ideas around community organizing, professional communications and personal life.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me via email, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.

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