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I’m no fan of vast swathes of jazz music. Fortunately for me and countless people like me, jazz has a very broad back.

The Montreal International Jazz Festival has also stretched the scope of the festival over the years, bending the genre to keep with the times, and to sell tickets.

With sincere apologies to jazz musicians, aficionados, and critics everywhere, here is my shortlist for the 2018 festival, for people who don’t love jazz.

This 39th annual festival has some 500 shows lined up and is regarded by Guinness World Records as the largest jazz festival in the world, so the festival lineup can evidently be overwhelming.

Fortunately for you, I’m an unemployed lackey with time to spare, so I’m doing the work for you.

I listen to samples of every listed artist in the festival lineup this year, compiling this day-by-day shortlisted program. I add a video below each of the show listings that interest me most.

My taste tilts heavily toward funk, fun, hip hop, electro and the eclectic, but soft folk and classical jazz is also thrown into the mix.

Returning this year is an initiative called Swallows, trained safety teams for women, seniors and LGTTBQ* communities.

My Program Shortlist:

Wednesday, June 27 – Thursday, June 28

Friday, June 29. T.B.A.

Saturday, June 30. T.B.A.

Sunday, July 1. T.B.A.

Monday, July 2. T.B.A.

Tuesday, July 3. T.B.A.

Wednesday, July 4. T.B.A.

Thursday, July 5. T.B.A.

Friday, July 6. T.B.A.

Saturday, July 7. T.B.A.

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