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These five posts offer useful advice for digital marketing and communications professionals.

6 BEST Digital Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business Online

I like Neil Patel’s casual and cool style. In this video, he gives a quick overview of tools like Google Analytics, Kissmetrics, and Ubersuggest.

How Niche Influencers Can Boost Your Content Marketing ROI (Tips, Case Studies and Tools)

“Influencer” is a hot term right now, and many companies are making influencers a core element of their marketing strategy.

How to Tap Into Emotions and Boost Your Content Marketing

This post has interesting data-based visuals on what emotions help drive digital traffic.

Marketing has always sought to tap into emotions. Data is just making it remarkably personalized and effective. The ethics of this are another question.

Follow up with your fans (and your ex-fans): Here’s how to create a successful culture of listening in your newsroom

This piece is for news media editors and managers, but the lessons apply to many workplaces.

I was once invited to the CBC Manitoba’s office by a member of their senior leadership.

He wanted to get my impressions of what CBC Manitoba was doing well, and what could be done differently.

He did this with dozens of people and it struck me as good community-building.

What Content Strategy Will Work For You? (With Examples)

This post gives a partial breakdown of different content styles (long form, lists, videos) backed by interesting evidence on how digital content is received.

Happy reading, and viewing.

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